Entrecarder Adventures

Bec's Life Has Changed!  

Bec's Life is sporting a brand new template and a very professional look. Bec was one of the first folks I met in the Entrecard community and I'm currently featuring her smiling face on the Biz Beacon Ad Co-op. Bec has been making money online for over a decade and is clearly focused on Internet Marketing. For whatever reason, I've followed Bec into a number of different traffic generators and affiliate programs, probably because I feel so positive when I'm on her site (it's her smile) and the site is so easy to read.

As I mentioned, Bec's Life is where I find out about new resources for bloggers and her post regarding Traffic Era is just one example. She warned us that it is addicting and it is. I found myself coming up for air an hour later, wondering just what I'd have to do to get 10/10 clocks and what exactly it meant. Addictions aside, I spend so much time with things Entrecard that it is refreshing to find some additional sites to help build my web businesses.

As of this writing Bec's feed button shows 149 readers and I'm sure this will continue to grow as more folks find Bec's Life. One thing I noticed that was missing with the new layout was her About page, but no worries, on her Links page she has lists her other sites, where one can find lots of photos and some background information.

So do yourself a favor and put Bec on your list of sites to frequent and get your dose of Aussie sunshine!


EntreBall...Try Your Luck!  

EntreBall is published by Linkfog.com and is loads of fun for just 30 ECs. The premise is simple: 42 squares matching up to the possible numbers red numbers in the semi-weekly Powerball drawing are available to purchase at a cost of 10 ECs apiece, a maximum of 3 numbers to a person. The pot has been sweetened beyond the 420 ECs from entry fees by the sponsorship of that particular drawing by one or more Entrecarders. For example, the current drawing has been sponsored to the tune of 1000ECs by Josh's Unconventional Marketing Blog, who also happens to be the previous drawing's winner of 1000ECs via his other blog, That Mutt.

30 ECs isn't much to spend for a little fun and a possible 1000EC payback. More than that, a little clique of regular participants is developing and one gets the sense that these people are fun-loving entrepreneurial types. Choosing one's numbers early in the current drawing period means that your entrecard will be displayed for the other players to see, a well-thought out bonus.

I hope the EntreBall continues to grow in popularity and the rules change so that each person only gets to purchase a single square per drawing. That way there'd be 42 different players for each drawing and Linkfog just might consider opening up a second section.


Blog Tips From the Blogging Brainiac  

In 1996 I brought home a Powermac and my then 13 year old son was very taken with the Internet and webpages in specific.
Nowadays he makes his living as a programmer & system administrator and long ago surpassed his dad's coding abilities. I can only imagine the world of possibilities that awaits 13 year old Marko Dimitrovski, the boy behind Blog Tips From The Blogging Brainiac Series. (I should note that contrary to the title of this blog, the only remuneration I am receiving for writing this review is the satisfaction of helping Marko build his blog.)

Marko is still fleshing out his blog after doing his own Wordpress install and so the reader needs to be patient when cruising the site. His site is attractive, functional and destined to be very popular. Why? Because he hasn't developed an "expert's" attitude of knowing it all. For some reason it's easy to accept his "Blog Tips" when you realize that he's just a nice kid intent on making his mark in the world.

Marko is located in the Republic of Macedonia (I featured his home city in a recent post on Where on Earth Am I?) and Marko is the first Entrecarder to advertise on the Biz Beacon Advertising Co-op. If you haven't been to his site, do yourself a favor and go drop him a comment, subscribe to his feed, and make a new friend. I did!


The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain Blog  

A bit of a coincidence, but the first two blog reviews that I've done both have interesting avatars/logos where the character is wearing dark glasses. (In the case of The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain Blog I think the glasses help out his X-ray vision.) A visit to this site, which is authored by Mark Dykeman, with the occasional guest author chipping in, isn't complete without going to his About page and getting a richer glimpse into why he is writing. Mark mentions that he is an ISTJ and I'm an INTJ and so we share some similar personality traits, at least according to the MBTI. And while you are tooling around the Broadcasting Brain's site, take the time to visit the "old site", The Mark Dykeman Web Niche, for some additional posts and entertainment.

You have to like a guy that uses Superheroes in his posts! Green Lantern aside, Mark compiles some very good information about Social Media and how best to utilize StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and other popular sites. And if you're in the mood for Beef Stroganoff, Mark's your guy. Mark is establishing a niche lens on Squidoo with more info on the tasty dish than I have ever seen in one place.

So, extend your antennae and pick up some of the brainwaves that are being sent your way by Mark Dykeman at The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain!


Joe Tech: What's Good and Bad About Blogging  

JoeTech's blog is handsome. He's got style and he's savvy. He's been blogging for a couple of years and he gets lots of page views. That's the Good part. The Bad part is that he's not raking in the cash. And that's somewhat discouraging to a new blogger like myself.

I'm new at this and so I don't feel qualified to review JoeTech.com on its blogging merits. What I can say is that he has made himself a player in the Entrecard community in which I have incubated my blogging activities. The vibe is that he is a good guy and I read at least one forum post mentioning that an ad on his page yielded great results.

So, my bottom line on JoeTech is that he is a fellow traveler on the road and I wish him all the success he can garner as he continues to inform and entertain. I'm now a subscriber!


Why This Blog?  

I made the decision to run multiple blogs in conjunction with My Internet Marketing Adventures in order to keep myself more focused and have the content be more consistent. As a new blogger, I read what the more experienced folks had to say and it seems that writing reviews leads to quicker cash than pay-per-clicks or affiliate advertising does. Yet, what happens to your blog when you are known to be writing reviews for money? I guess it depends on your intent. I see writing reviews for money and other remuneration as a viable activity and one that I want to participate in, at least until my ad revenue is sufficient to warrant otherwise. The problem has been that I've been so busy with structuring my blogs and getting them up and running that I haven't turned to writing for money yet, something that I hope to rectify this week with this blog.